A Novices Guide To Magical Brewery



Welcome to Wytches Brew! Using this Guide, a Magic Spoon, your Skill and some Luck, you'll soon be brewing up Magical Potions!

Magical Brews are created by moving Ingredients from Altar to Cauldron in specific orders.

Ingredients must go to the Cauldron in rows or columns of 3 or more.

Swap Ingredients two at a time. Swap any two you wish, but only side-by-side swaps are without cost!



Your Recipe Book is your guide. Make Ingredient matches that follow the Recipes in left to right order!

The Recipe Book will always find the best Recipe page based on your actions, making it easy for anyone to follow!

Making matches according to recipes will create Magical Brews!


____Liquid Levels:

The Cauldron will fill up with every Ingredient that goes in it. The only way to drain it and keep it from overflowing is to create Brews.

When a set of Ingredients is moved to the Cauldron, the Wytch who controls that part of the Altar will channel more ingredients in.


____Wytch Wax:

Three Candles represent the Magical Power each Wytch has to help you sort the Ingredients on the Altar.

In Standard brew modes Only Vertical and Horizontal Side-By-Side Swaps Are Free!

All other swaps will melt Candle power. After your first Ingredient is selected, "ghost" candles will show move costs as you move your mouse over other ingredients.

Recharge The Candles by Draining The Cauldron Completely!



Griffin the Spirit Dog is the Wytches protector on their quest. He watches over the Wytches as they brew.

If you click him, he might give you a hint. He might not. He's a bit touchy at times, but he really is loyal and lovely.

____Easy To Learn, A Thrill To Master!

You have only the knowledge of a Novice. You will need to learn strategies to become an Adept.

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